Our Process

Locally-sourced timber

Our firewood is produced using timber which is a by-product of necessary thinning and clearance work carried out in local woodland to improve habitat and biodiversity. The cords are stored in stacks on bearers for a year, to dry naturally in the sun and wind. They are then cut and split at our premises near Berkhamsted by local employees and stored undercover in a well ventilated barn to dry out over the Summer, ready for delivery to Tring, Berkhamsted and surrounding villages the following Winter. This ensures that our product is as sustainable and low in carbon emissions in its production and delivery as possible.


We do not import logs which have been kiln dried in fossil fueled kilns and then shipped long distances from abroad. We feel that this counteracts any environmental advantage in choosing to use wood as a fuel to heat your home.

Naturally seasoned

Because all our timber is naturally seasoned for two years and stored undercover this ensures a very low moisture content of 15 to 20%, (similar to that of kiln dried logs). This results in higher efficiency when burnt and means a clean bright flame with maximum heat and minimal smoke, soot and tar deposits in the flue and on stove glass, unlike unseasoned or wet logs which I’m sorry are not available from us!


Types of timber

The timber used in our log production is made up of many different species, it is predominantly Cherry, Birch, Beech, Ash Sycamore and Oak, (around 95%). The rest is made up of anything from fruit woods like Apple, Pear & Plum, to Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Holly & Maple. These are all fantastic fuel woods with different characteristics when burnt.