Frequently Asked Questions

Is Astrope Firewood seasoned and ready to burn?

Yes. It has been seasoned for approximately two years and is stored undercover. It has a moisture content of around 20% which is perfect for burning right away.

How big are the logs?

Our logs are approximately 10 inches long and 4 to 6 inches wide.

Is Astrope Firewood produced using Hardwood?

Yes. We only use Hardwood in our log production

How do I make an order?

Please call or text Glenn on 07951 126 534 or fill in the online order form.

How do I pay for my order?

Payment is by cash or cheque on delivery or online bank transfer. Bank details will be supplied on request.

Is delivery free?

Yes. We deliver free within 8 miles of the centre of Northchurch. This includes; Northchurch, Dudswell, Berkhamsted, Tring, Wigginton, Cholesbury, St Leonards, Wendover, Weston Turville, Halton, Aston Clinton, Wilstone, Long Marston, Cheddington, Marsworth, Pitstone, Ivinghoe, Dagnal, Ringshall, Aldbury, Little Gaddesden, Great Gaddesden, Potten End, Nettleden, Water End, Piccotts End, Bourne End, Felden, Bovingdon, Ashley Green and Chesham. For deliveries further away please enquire for details.

Is there a minimum order of sacks of logs to get free delivery?

Yes. A minimum of 10 sacks.

How many sacks are equivalent to a one cubic metre loose load?

There is approximately the same amount of firewood in 19 sacks as in one truck load.

How many 0.7 cubic metre Bulk Bags’ are equivalent to one loose load?

There is approximately the same amount of firewood in one and a half Bulk Bags as in one loose truck load.

Can I keep the 0.7 cubic metre Bulk Bag’ which the logs are delivered in?

Yes, you are welcome to keep the bag to store your logs in if you wish. However to minimise waste and to keeps costs down we would like to reuse the bag if possible. Once the bag is empty we will collect it on your next delivery.

Can I keep the 1 cubic metre bulk ‘Tip Bag’ which the logs are delivered in?

It is not possible to unload the larger Tip bags with the logs inside, they are too heavy. As the name suggests, they will be tipped out of the bag from inside the back of the truck.

When do you deliver?

We deliver Monday to Saturday, (and occasionally Sundays during peak times) and will do our best to deliver at a time to suit you.

Can I collect Logs from your yard?

No Sorry, that is not possible

Do you offer a barrowing and stacking service?

Yes. A barrowing and stacking service is available at extra cost. Guide prices are: £15 for barrowing, £15 for stacking or £25 for both borrowing and stacking. Cost will be confirmed on delivery and depend on how far they are to be moved and wether there are steps etc.

Is it possible to reverse and unload straight into a garage or barn to save me moving the logs again?

Yes. This is possible because we have relatively small vehicles, we also unload by hand and do not tip the logs out. Therefore we do not need a high ceiling clearance. We have found this to be very helpful to many customers.

Which species of wood are used?

The timber used in our log production is made up of many different species, it is predominantly Cherry, Birch, Beech, Ash Sycamore and Oak, (around 95%). The rest is made up of anything from fruit woods like Apple, Pear & Plum, to Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Holly & Maple. These are all fantastic fuel woods with different characteristics when burnt.

Is Astrope firewood sourced locally?

Yes. The timber we use is a by-product of necessary thinning and clearance work carried out in local woodland to improve habitat and biodiversity.

We do not import firewood from long distances by road or from overseas.

Is Astrope firewood produced locally?

Yes. Astrope logs are cut and split at our premises near Berkhamsted by local employees and stored undercover in a well ventilated barn to dry out over the Summer, ready for delivery to Tring, Berkhamsted and surrounding villages the following Winter. This ensures that our product is as sustainable and low in carbon emissions in its production and delivery as possible.

Do you kiln dry the logs?

No. We season our firewood naturally using the sun and wind because it is less environmentally damaging than using fossil fuelled kilns to dry the wood.

What does ‘Green’ or ‘unseasoned’ wood mean?

This is the term used for freshly felled timber. The natural moisture content will be too high to burn efficiently, if at all. Firewood should be dried, or “seasoned,” until its moisture content is around 20 percent.

All Astrope Firewood logs are fully seasoned and dry.

Is it worth paying more for quality, Seasoned and Dry firewood?

Yes. To demonstrate how important it is that the wood is dry:

A ton of wood with 50% moisture content has a calorific value (CV) of around 2,300 kWh but a ton of wood at 20% has a CV of over 4,100 kWh. That’s nearly twice as much heat warming your house.

In money terms, if a kWh of heat is worth 5p then a ton of wood at 50% MC is worth £ 116.38 but a ton of wood at 20% MC is worth £206.55. The higher value takes a bit of time and effort to achieve but the rewards are clear. (figures from

How should firewood be stored?

It is very important to keep your logs and kindling as dry as possible, either in a well ventilated, shed, garage or log store. We can supply and construct sheds and log stores if needed. Please enquire and I will be happy to discuss your needs and provide a free quotation.

It is always a good idea if possible to get your logs and kindling indoors before they are needed as the warmer and dryer they are the better.

Is it possible to leave Feedback and Reviews on this site?

Yes. We would appreciate your feed back in order to help us improve the way we operate. All fair and reasonable reviews will be posted on this site. To leave reviews and feedback please type it into the large box headed ‘other info’. at the bottom of the order form page and click send.